The new Departure Event was organized by SK Pharmaceuticals (SK Pharmaceutical) with the purpose of launching the brand,  announced the cooperation with Saokim Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Saokim Pharma), and introduced new products -  Colocol, an analgesic and antipyretic drug

The pharmaceutical market in Vietnam attracts foreign investors (12/8/2017)

Pharmaceutical production scale in Vietnam accounted for 77% in volume but only 35% in value. In the context of extensive pharmaceutical market,

Saokim Pharma: production line, equipment and formulation technology is the first criterion (12/8/2017)

As one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the North of Vietnam that have been granted GMP standard since 2006. Saokim Pharma is the largest exporter of raw materials which helped to save millions of people from dangerous malaria. Saokim Pharma always takes quality of product and community...

Saokim Pharma - Focus on research and development (12/8/2017)

Established on 18 May 1999, Saokim Pharma is the first pharmaceutical company in the North granted GMP-WHO in 2006 according to the standards of the World Health Organization.

Paradox: Having the most developed health service in the world but Americans are racing to buy medicines abroad (12/8/2017)

While drugs produced in America are rated as of the best quality in the world, many Americans refuse to buy medicines made by their home country but travel to other countries to buy drugs or order online.

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