Strategic co-operation & investment

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After many years of investment in exporting to more than 30 markets worldwide, including major and strict markets on quality management such as England, America, France, Italy, etc., Saokim Pharma has made a good foundation to maintain and develop for nearly 20 years. But it seems that is not enough with Saokim Pharma and Saokim Pharma needs a solid foundation for long-term development.  For long-term and sustainable development as well as a desire to protect Vietnamese health, Saokim Pharma has begun to focus on domestic market since 2017.

Saokim Pharma knows that it is definitely not an easy game and is a severe challenge with more than 500 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam. Each enterprise has its own strength and investment strategy. Choosing the right path is a long process, which requires acumen, effort, cohesion and persistence of BOD as well as the whole staff of the company.

With determination to contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam and to create more quality products to serve the community, beside the available resources of equipment and technology to serve the export market, Saokim Pharma continues to increase new investment to serve domestic market better.


For nearly 20 years in the international market, Saokim Pharma has earned its valuable assets, which is investment and cooperation relationships. Saokim Pharma hopes that foreign partners, by management experience, research and advanced technology will support and consult Saokim Pharma to become the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in Vietnam.

Domestic market is really a difficult market and quality is a factor that consumers are really interested in and brand awareness is also important. Recently, Saokim Pharma has co-operated with SK Pharmaceutical, a distribution and marketing company based in Vietnam to distribute products in the domestic market. In addition, Saokim Pharma begins to look for partners at home and abroad to jointly invest injectable production lines; transfer and franchise pharmaceutical brands from foreign partners such as the United States, France; cooperate to develop of pharmaceutical trademark in Vietnam.

With desire to care and protect people's health and efforts in investment and strategic cooperation, Saokim Pharma hopes to create foothold on in this challenging playground.

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