Saokim Pharma: production line, equipment and formulation technology is the first criterion

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As one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the North of Vietnam that have been granted GMP standard since 2006. Saokim Pharma is the largest exporter of raw materials which helped to save millions of people from dangerous malaria. Saokim Pharma always takes quality of product and community health as the goal of action.

In order to achieve quality products, Saokim Pharma has built a friendly working environment with many challenges and opportunities. Saokim Pharma has professional staffs with knowledge and experiences in research and production and high team spirit and striving for common goal.

Determining that the quality factor based on people is not enough, Saokim Pharma has not stopped investing in machinery and equipment since its inception. Saokim Pharma plant is located at Me Linh industrial zone in Hanoi with an area of over 22,000m2. From the early days, Saokim Pharma was been invested with the most advanced equipment and machines that few pharmaceutical companies were willing to do, such as: suppository production line imported directly from Italy, an automatic line from the preparation phase to tablet-shaping, liquid-pouring, tablet-solidifying and batch number-printing phases. This production line is specialized in producing suppository products with capacity of more than 100 million suppositories per year. Korea capsule-filling machine is also fully automatic and is available to various kinds of capsules, powder, and pellets. The three-layer tablet-compressing machine has been used for high-tech production & high-quality products such as: antimalarial drugs, etc. With the existing machinery system, Saokim Pharma plant can produce 1 billion tablets per year, meeting export demand and a part of domestic demand.

In addition, Saokim Pharma has also applied the most advanced technology and quality management process. All products are produced in a closed, automatic & hygienic production line in accordance with C.I.P. principle, production management by SCADA network with objective value, reliability in quality management. In the next time, Saokim Pharma will import more modern machinery from the US, Japan ... to meet the increasing demand of advanced dosage forms for new products, to enhance product processing and promote cooperation with foreign partners, to become a reputable manufacturer of international pharmaceutical groups in Vietnam.

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