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Established on 18 May 1999, Saokim Pharma is the first pharmaceutical company in the North granted GMP-WHO in 2006 according to the standards of the World Health Organization.

A precursor of Saokim Pharma is a company specializing in providing antimalarial raw materials in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Being the vast and strict European market, quality is the key to successful cooperation. Therefore, from the early days of establishment, Saokim Pharma has made continuous efforts to invest in human resource and equipment for research and development to meet customer’s demand.

The company has continually found and cooperated with well-known universities at home and abroad for training staffs who will become highly qualified, experienced, professional, dedicated and are ready to provide technical support to management board, customers.

With recognizing that R&D department is the heart of the company, Saokim Pharma has gathered many experienced experts and staffs. Besides, we have invested in advanced research equipment to create leading products in the domestic market and make a firm belief for partners.

The product export not only brings a big revenue but also is a bridge for Saokim Pharma to access new research techniques and dosage forms in the world. This helps Saokim Pharma have more advantages in developing products for public health, such as dosage forms of granules, suppositories, gastro-resistant tablets, 3-layer tablets or extended-release tablets.

Currently, Sao Kim plant has been investing in modern equipment for research that is similar to actual production, relatively standard batch size, as well as precise & advanced testing equipment, including: eight-pestle tablet-compressing machine; high-speed granulator, fluidized bed dryer, solubility tester, dilution tester, hardness tester, high performance liquid chromatography, etc. This investment facilitates research process and evaluates product quality before mass production. It not only improves research process quickly and accurately but also ensures product stability during production.

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Sao Kim Pharmaceutical joint stock company. Phone : 0243.5841213/0243.584.1216. Email : info@saokimpharma.com.
Business code: 2500169960. Date of issue: November 19, 2007, issued by Hanoi Planning and Investment Department.