SK Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was officially launched pharmaceutical market.

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The new Departure Event was organized by SK Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (SK Pharmaceutical) with the purpose of launching the brand, announcing a cooperation with Saokim Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Saokim Pharma) and introducing new pain and fever relief product - Colocol.

On 12 April 2017, in Hanoi the new Departure event was organized by SK Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (SK Pharmaceutical). The event marked a strategic cooperation between SK Pharmaceutical and Sao Kim Pharma. Not only that, the new Departure event brought many interesting surprises to more than 200 invited guests, who were representatives of pharmaceutical companies, distributors, pharmacies from Hue to the north.

The event also launched a new pain and fever relief product named Colocol.



At this event, Colocol sponsored VND50 million and 10,000 doses of Colocol to The National Fund for Vietnamese Children.

Saokim Pharma was established in 1999. Through 18 years of foundation and development with the motto "Bright in mind", Saokim Pharma has become the largest manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam and is the top of the world on selling an antimalarial raw materials Artemisinin and its semi-synthetic derivatives to leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe, Asia and Africa.




SK Pharmaceutical, with the motto "Devotion from Heart", is a company specializing in marketing and distributing high-quality pharmaceutical products and functional foods in Vietnam. SK Pharmaceutical is the exclusive distributor of GMP-WHO Saokim Pharma’s products, European Group 1 drugs and USA functional foods from FDA standard factories.

At the event, SK Pharmaceutical commits to providing high quality & effective pharmaceutical products that best serve the local market and build the brand name of Colocol in particular and SK Pharmaceutical in general to become more successfully in domestic market.

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