Distribution System

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SK Pharmaceutical is a strategic partner and sole distributor of SaoKim Pharma products
  • Cooperation Saokim Pharma are always in available and looking for the domestic and international partners to jointly invest: The Factory, injectable production line, b-lactam production line, … in Vietnam. Cooperate in production and marketing.
  • Trademark development Franchisee and transferring of Pharmaceutical Trademark from the international partners. Cooperation to produce and develop of pharmaceutical trademark in Vietnam.
  • Distribution system Directly deploying pharmaceutical distribution system to the Saokim’ Pharmacy standard series throughout the territory of Vietnam. Directly marketing to Doctors, Pharmacists and Professionals System, promoting communication to consumers.
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Nhà máy:
Quang Minh Industrial Zone, Me Linh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam. 
Tel: +844.3584.1213/14/16 - Fax: +844.3584.0788
Email: info@saokimpharma.com

Sao Kim Pharmaceutical joint stock company. Phone : 0243.5841213/0243.584.1216. Email : info@saokimpharma.com.
Business code: 2500169960. Date of issue: November 19, 2007, issued by Hanoi Planning and Investment Department.