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The new Departure Event was organized by SK Pharmaceuticals (SK Pharmaceutical) with the purpose of launching the brand,  announced the cooperation with Saokim Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Saokim Pharma), and introduced new products -  Colocol, an analgesic and antipyretic drug.


The Departure Event was held on the afternoon of April 12, 2017 at Hanoi Deawoo Hotel, with representatives of both companies and more than 200 pharmaceutical companies, distributors, pharmacies nationwide. SK Pharmaceutical officially launched the market and announced to become a strategic partner on marketing and distribution of Saokim Pharma products.


Marking this collaboration, SK Pharmaceutical introduced Colocol, an analgesic and antipyretic product with main active ingredient Paracetamol, which was produced by Saokim Pharma. Colocol includes many product lines with different formulation and contents, including: Colocol 500, Colocol Extra (film-coated tablets); Colocol Suppo 80 (suppositories), Colocol Suppo 150 (suppositories); Colocol Sachet 80, Colocol Sachet 150 ((granules for oral suspension). Depending on the pathology and recommended users, consumers can choose suitable products for children and adults. 


Colocol - quickly help treat fever and pains of headache, migraine, sore-throat, muscle pain, musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis-associated pain, dysmenorrhea, fever and pain after vaccination, toothache, pain after extraction or dental procedures in adults, fever and pain in children with flu, dengue fever, bacterial infections, viral infections, teething, post-vaccination, post-surgery, etc.


Mr. Nguyen Dai Hue - General Director of SK Pharmaceutical said: "Paracetamol has common uses but gets a very large market demand. The important issue what consumers concern is a formulation providing fast relief of pain and fever. This is a challenge but also a great opportunity for Colocol. User’s health is our priority, so we will always “Devote from heart" to bring safe and effective products to consumers”.


About Saokim Pharma

Saokim Pharma was established in 1999. Through 18 years of foundation and development with the motto "Bright in mind", Saokim Pharma has become the largest manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam and is in the top of the world on selling an antimalarial raw materials Artemisinin and its semi-synthetic derivatives to leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Saokim Pharma brings high-quality and highest-treatment-effect products to users by:

- The first GMP-WHO pharmaceutical factory in the north of Vietnam granted by the Ministry of Health with modern automatic equipment line imported from Europe and America.

- The first modern suppository production line has been imported from ITALY to Vietnam. This breaks the monopoly of foreign companies about suppository formulation and helps clinics have more choices for patient needs.

- High-quality, prestigious materials are produced from Europe and America.



Về SK Pharmaceutical

SK Pharmaceutical với phương châm “Tận Tâm từ Trái Tim”, là Công ty chuyên Tiếp thị và Phân phối các sản phẩm Dược phẩm, Thực phẩm chức năng chất lượng cao tại Việt Nam, độc quyền phân phối các sản phẩm của Nhà máy Dược GMP-WHO Saokim Pharma; các sản phẩm thuốc nhóm 1 Châu Âu và Thực phẩm chức năng của nhà máy đạt chuẩn FDA từ Hoa Kỳ.


About SK Pharmaceutical

SK Pharmaceutical, with the motto "Devotion from Heart", is a company specializing in marketing and distributing high-quality pharmaceutical products and functional foods in Vietnam. SK Pharmaceutical is the exclusive distributor of GMP-WHO Saokim Pharma’s products, European Group 1 drugs and USA functional foods from FDA standard factories.

With financial resources and marketing experience, SK Pharmaceutical is a pioneer in Investment and Distribution, focusing on service and customer care to build and develop a wide distribution network.


Currently, SK Pharmaceutical has established a distribution network with pharmaceutical companies, distributors, pharmacies nationwide; approached and covered the market rapidly.


At the beginning, SK Pharmaceutical has committed provision of the highest quality pharmaceutical products to the local market and made the product brand in particular and Saokim Pharma in general successful at home.


About the Charity Program:

On the occasion of the launch, the Extra brand sponsored the National Fund of Vietnamese Children with a gift worth VND50 million and 10,000 analgesic and antipyretic doses.

Program schedule

18h: Opening

18h10: Saokim Pharma introduction

18h20: SK Pharmaceutical launch

18h45: Launch of Colocol

19h00: Colocol Product introduction and communication

19h15: Sponsorship for the National Fund of Vietnamese Children

19h20: Opening ceremony

20h45: Finish


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